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Grocery Stores


Home Delivery Services

Cambridge Cheese Co. is part of two home delivery services. Market Wagon serves both the Southeast MI area as well as Northwest Ohio.

Calders Bros Dairy is a long standing company based in Carleton MI. They have locations in Lincoln Park, a farm in Carleton MI as well as a storefront in Flat Rock MI. They provide a home delivery that we are, now, a part of. I have included the links to their websites below so people can register for their home delivery services, if they choose.

Local Farm Stores


We currently do NOT sell any product out of our processing plant on First St but we have plenty of options across the county where you can get your cheese curd fix.

Here is a list and addresses of Current Merchants (those in bold also sell our butter)

  • Borchardt Brothers Market, 8901 Onsted Hwy, ONSTED
  • Borchardt Brothers Market, 628 W Adrian St, BLISSFIELD
  • The Springs Party Store, 9672 W US 223, ADRIAN
  • Yoders, 11700 M-50, BROOKLYN
  • Perky Pantry, 9544 Pentecost Hwy, ONSTED
  • Perky Pantry, 7629 US 12, ONSTED
  • McAuliffe’s Meats, 9580 Briggs Hwy, ADDISON
  • Bobs Market House, 325 Railroad St, HUDSON
  • Woodstock Wine & Cheese, 6409 US 223, ADDISON (limited seasonal)
  • Jerry’s Market, 109 Herrick Park Dr, TECUMSEH
  • Lightning Quick Gas N Go, 14611 US 223, MANITOU BEACH (seasonal)
  • Lightning Quick Gas N Go, 412 E Adrian St, BLISSFIELD
  • Lightning Quick Gas N Go, 185 Carey St, DEERFIELD
  • Lightning Quick Gas N Go, 1159 E Monroe Rd, TECUMSEH
  • Argus Farm Stop, 325 W Liberty St, ANN ARBOR
  • Argus Farm Stop, 1200 Packard Rd, ANN ARBOR
  • Busch’s, 2240 S Main St, ANN ARBOR
  • Busch’s, 565 E Michigan Ave, SALINE
  • Busch’s, 1450 W Chicago Blvd, TECUMSEH
  • Prime Cuts, 1821 Horton Rd, JACKSON
  • Beef Barn, 3095 Cooper St, JACKSON
  • Sautter's Market, 5519 Main St, SYLVANIA
  • Meckley's Flavor Fruit Farm, 11025 S Jackson Rd, CEMENT CITY
  • Busch's, 7080 Dexter Ann Arbor Rd, DEXTER
  • Busch's, 9870 E Grand River Ave, BRIGHTON
  • Country Market, 1535 W Maumee St, ADRIAN
  • Country Market, 11301 Brooklyn Rd, BROOKLYN
  • Country Market, 1255 S Main St, CHELSEA
  • Country Market, 2119 Ferguson Rd, JACKSON
  • The Winery North of 12, 12775 Knapp Rd, BROOKLYN
  • Pleasant View Dairy & Beef, 4840 N Sand Lake Rd, JONESVILLE
  • Sanford Family Beef, 8069 North Parma Rd, PARMA
  • Meijer, 217 US-223, ADRIAN
  • Plum Market, 375 N Maple Rd, ANN ARBOR
  • Plum Market, 3601 Plymouth Rd, ANN ARBOR
  • Plum Market, 6565 Orchard Lake Rd, WEST BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP
  • Plum Market, 3675 W Maple Rd, BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP

Farmers Markets

Rolling out Cambridge Cheese Co's Fresh Fried Cheese Curds that will be available at Farmers Markets for the 2021 season

  • Tecumseh Farmers Market, 213 North Evans St, TECUMSEH
  • Madison Farmers Market, Corner of Treat Hwy and US 223, ADRIAN